Hushed to the crushing clouds

We didn’t really know what words to use since that stutter, or even if uttering a word was useful, desirable. Everything is already so saturated with information, was it not better to take advantage of this, in our small measure, to slow down a little, not to force the crazy pace of the world while the world itself seemed to be turning upside down and asking us for a break?

And then friendship, the sense of playing and sharing took over, and as the conversations went on, the idea came to us to launch this humble marabout of sonorous string, cheerfully titled ‘Confinuum‘, as a euphoric and musical exorcism to ward off boredom, anguish, and to share the moments of grace that, despite everything, always happen.

‘Confinuum‘ thus sees several of the artists in our catalogue, invited to take over from each other in a long chain of signatures, graffiti, compositions, dances or ritornello, moments of contemplation, or on the contrary, pure bouncing impulses, each one reacting subjectively to the mood that precedes them, taking whoever follows as the counterpart for a moving mosaic, a gesticulating puzzle from which you will be free to listen to each piece individually, or to follow the current in one direction or the other.

An unmanned vessel as well, which sails on sight with the pleasure of steering alone. An endless programmed journey to which we are happy to invite you, starting today with the first episode signed Sourdure, followed by Eric Chenaux, Julien Desprez, Eloïse Decazes, Julien Pontvianne & Amélie Grould, Paul Loiseau, Marc Melià, Melaine Dalibert, Matt Elliott, Marion Cousin, Jacques Puech, Ramona Córdova, Borja Flames, Rachel Langlais…” 

Artwork : Josué Confort